By now you've probably read tons of indie band website intro blurbs telling you lots of great stuff about the artist's (soon-to-be) rise from obscurity to legend.  We won't bother you with that self-aggrandizing blather. Here's all you need to know: We're ANUBIS SPIRE, a group comprised of very different minded humans who just by chance are also composers and musicians. Each of us is a world unto ourselves and we seldom agree on anything other than our combined musical mission.  We don't make music to fit in, appeal to the broadest demographic or insular elitist clique, or to impress genre purists, brushstroke worshipers, trendies, or (ahem) 'critics.'  We simply do what we do, and it either resonates with you or it doesn't.  We're fine either way. We are in competition with no one. We make music for the universe...whether it wants it or not.  WELCOME. 


January 17th, 2020

Well, we're here and working hard on making our new home welcoming and easy to use for our friends and fans. Right now we've added our entire music catalog (you'll find it by clicking the MUSIC button on the header of each page) for sale at 'fan determined' prices. Full samples of each song are available for listening also. 

There are numerous projects coming up this year for us and you'll be able to read about them right here very soon. We're glad you have followed us here and hope you'll check back for new developments often.  More news to come...stay tuned. 

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