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Anubis Spire

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Back To Abydos

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"Back to Abydos finally brings together, on one CD, the most sought after songs from Anubis Spire's early, live, and unreleased material. From the eerie guitar-soundscape, REVENANTS, to the smoldering longing of LOVE FROM NOTHING AT ALL, these pieces showcase the band's stunning diversity and musically adventurous spirit. Unlike many other retrospective and 'live' albums where the songs are heavily digitally post processed, and sometimes even totally re-recorded, we've opted to present the pieces in all their un-retouched and imperfect glory. They should be viewed as musical snapshots in time, complete with amp hum, pick scrapes, PA glitches, and all the other unplanned for events that make a true improvised performance a dance with unseen forces rather than a cold, practiced, and mechanistic exercise. True to course, the diversity of styles is stunning. In an ever narrowing and polarized musical world, Anubis Spire is forever expanding."


BACK TO ABYDOS features ten songs ranging from early live improvisations to two orphaned tracks (DRAMA, TRAUMA AND AWKWARD GRACE and WHIRLING TOWARD SHAMBALAH) taken from the first "Children of a Foreign Faith" sessions before leader Bill MacKechnie scrapped the uncompleted project and reorganized the group.

"A great peek into the formative days of ANUBIS SPIRE!" ~ Eric Barron

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